Christmas Kettles 2020

Meet new people, gather heart-warming stories at the kettles: helping and having FUN!

The campaign dates are: Nov. 13 to Dec. 24, 2020 (no Sundays)

The two-hour shifts are: 11:30am; 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30pm. Shifts can be combined for 4 or 6 hours and breaks are provided.

Kettle volunteers will be at 10 locations and are needed.

  1. Parkland Mall (Saturdays only)
  2. Deer Park Co-op
  3. Timberlands Co-op
  4. Walmart South
  5. Canadian Tire South
  6. Super Store
  7. Bower Place (2 locations – Santa and American Eagle)

A team of volunteers will be at Costco Wholesale Dec. 10 to Dec. 24.

Youth volunteers (under 16) with a parent are most welcome to include students needing volunteer hours. Families, friends, co-workers, clubs…. All are welcome to ring the bells.

Host  your own kettle at  Invite others to donate as well!  

Or donate to a kettle.  Share the good news of how to donate with friends and family through social media.  All funds support the work of The Salvation Army in Red Deer.

WE need your help now, more than ever!

TIP TAP at Kettle stands is coming soon!

Choose from 3 amounts right on the kettle stand. 

TAP your credit card, debit card or cell phone to the amount chosen. TAP and off you go. 

Up to ten TAPS can be made.   A request for a charitable receipt can be given to the volunteer  or call our office to request a receipt at (403) 346-2251. 

Also coming soon – TEXT TO DONATE – Text from your cell phone to make a donation.

Watch for more information to come.

Those interested in volunteering can call me at the numbers below or email.

Debbie Lang – Kettle Coordinator

Phone 403-346-2251